ISO certification

Farmec Cluj-Napoca holds the Quality Certificate ISO 9001:2008; ISO 14 001: 2004 și ISO 22716: 2007.

Manufacturing process

  • The programming of the production in a manner that would properly ensure a right rhythm for the selling products
  • The preparation of the technical documentation of the products according to the requests of the ISO 9001 and GMP standards
  • The providing of technical information in order to complete the realization of the opportunity analysis in order to start the collaboration for “private label” projects
  • The growth of the physical production
  • The growth of the production capacity utilization level
  • The growth of the labour productivity in the production field


Tons of raw materials annually purchased: 1.500

  • Supplying the company with material resources and services according to the needs of the production at the best price/quality ratio.
  • The identification, selection and evaluation of the purchasing suppliers on the market
  • Permanent monitoring of the market supplying tendencies and maximum capitalization of the available information on the market.
  • The negotiation based upon a good acknowledgement of the market offer
  • The predictions which will be a basis for the supplying strategies
  • Market prospecting and identifying alternative suppliers for the raw materials of strategic importance for the company
  • The audit of all agreed suppliers



Number of products annually manufactured: 15 millions pieces


  • Rhythmical realization of the structure of fabrication launched in optimal conditions of quality


  • Growth of labour productivity
  • Growth of the level of utilization of production capacity

Creation, Research, Formulation

Number of patents in the portfolio: 20


  • The strict application of the European legislation in the field of cosmetic and household products
  • The creation of cosmetic products with new active principles, with maximum cosmetic effects, proven through professional efficacy tests
  • The utilization of the most safe raw materials for the human health and for the environment
  • The alignment of the formulations with the legal requests of the target markets (America, Asia, South America etc.)


  • The development of products with natural ingredients (more than 90%)


  • The satisfaction of our consumers requests at our highest level
  • The realization of the concept of new product in full agreement with the market tendencies and consumers’ needs
  • The realization and launching of new products within the estimated deadlines
  • The information and education of consumers regarding the use of cosmetic products and their benefits
  • The efficient and unitary communication of our company’s image and portfolio products on the market
  • The ideation, realization, implementation, monitoring and reporting of all the activities of advertising
  • Allowing the growth of the companys fame and of the portfolio brands
  • Efficient communication for the products and the company on the market
  • The growth of the share markets of the commercialized products
  • The continuous adjustment of the products offer to the market requests
  • Continuous improvement of the products’ image on the market

Distribution – Transport

Number of finished products annually delivered: 15 millions pieces


  • The transportation of the products to the consumers in maximum security conditions and in the shortest period of time
  • Increasing the efficiency of the own auto fleet (through the optimization of the tracks).
  • Preoccupation for the improvement of the professional training of our drivers � according to the newest legal implementations.
  • Guaranteeing of the support for the accomplishment of the objectives established by the company during the year at date.

Sales – Post sales

  • Increasing the physical sales and their value compared with the sales of the previous year.
  • Increasing the number of commercialized products according to the types of clients.
  • Increasing the number of active clients compared with the previous year.
  • Continuous improvement of the customer relationship.


  • Development, implementation, coordination and forecast of the sales strategy with the purpose of overcoming the objectives chosen by the company’s management in optimal conditions of effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Growth of the product sales volume
  • Continuous improvement of the customer relationship and loyalty programs
  • Ensuring the accessibility of the product in as many sales points as possible


  • Growth of the number of internal trainings
  • Realization of the internal audits programmed in a percentage of 100%;
  • The implementation, monitoring and improvement of the politics in the quality field;
  • The technical control for raw materials, packaging, semi-manufactured and finished products, within our company;
  • The analysis and monitoring of the environmental parameters.