Mircea Turdean

Chief Executive Officer

Farmec means to me the place where I’ve started working as a researcher in 1993 and the company that I manage at present. During these years the most important “asset” of this company was and remains the Farmec team: a passionate, determined and hard working team without which we couldn’t have reached the performance of being the largest cosmetics manufacturer in Romania.

I trust the people of Farmec team 100% and I know that each and every one of them does his or her work with commitment, responsibility and respect so that together we will develop products of the best quality for our consumers.

Farmec is more than a work place and a job, it is the laboratory that mixes innovation, research, emotion to create, produce and promote a new product, the joy of excellent results and the desire to constantly be better.

Mircea Stânceanu

Chief Financial Officer

Over 30 years of experience have taught me that what makes the difference between a well done job and an excellent done job are the people. At Farmec I’ve found a team with whom I’m positively sure I’ll continue successfully the work of my predecessors and make proud the successors about the things we’ve left behind.

Aside from the professionalism, I appreciate the involvement, team spirit and passion with which everybody at Farmec does his or her job which finally leads to very good outcomes, as the company recorded form one year to another.

Monica Vușcan

Chief Technical & Production Officer

The performance of Farmec Company translates into professional experience, exactingness, tenacity and openness to the future. The production team is always ready to obtain high quality products by using machinery and production lines in optimum conditions.

I started working as a technician in the Cosmetics Division within the Technical – Production Department in 1994, and since then I’ve had the opportunity to develop professionally and grow step by step along with the best professionals in this field.

Septimiu Maniu

Logistics Director

What I appreciate in Farmec is that a Romanian brand has managed to cope and thrive under the conditions confronting fierce competition. Communication is a value that I care of and in which I strongly believe. Without a well-knit, harmonized and structured team, with a common goal – performance, outstanding results cannot be achieved.

I am the type of manager who believes that teamwork is the basis to achieve company objectives and therefore I always take care of the team I’m managing.

Viorel Damian

Purchasing Director

Farmec is a unique name on the Romanian cosmetics market and one of the most important local manufacturer. I am honoured to be part of this team, which proves, day by day, that Romanian performance in the cosmetic industry is at the highest peak. Every success we have is because Farmec is a company oriented to innovation, permanently investing in new technologies and in people.

I think one of the strenght points of a company is the human resource, because we can reach our business goal only with a dedicated, well-prepared and motivated team.

We add passion and experience in everything we produce and I am sure that together we can go beyond our limits, and reach Excellency.

Tudor David

Marketing Director

Being part of the team of the biggest Romanian cosmetics manufacturer, with brands that have won the trust of multiple generations of customers, is an honor and in the same time a great responsibility.

In order to perform on a big competitive market it very important to like what you do and to rely on a valuable team. My colleagues make me optimistic and eager to continue the work started 130 years ago in a small cosmetic laboratory and to make the Romanian emblematic brands relevant for both Romanian and worldwide customers.