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Farmec figures

  • Farmec –  No. 1* manufacturer on Face care category with 29,6% value market share on the Romanian market
  • Gerovital – No. 1* brand on Face Care segment with 25,1% value market share on the Romanian market
  • Gerovital -No. 2** brand on Hair Treatment category with 17,8% value market share on the Romanian market
  • 765 employees
  • 45,8 million Euro turnover in 2017


*Calculation based on Nielsen dates from the Retail Audit service  for  Face Care Segment  in 2018 (January  2018 – December 2018)  for  Total Romania Retail market. Copyright 2018 The Nielsen Company.


**Calculation based on Nielsen dates from the Retail Audit service  for Hair Treatment Segment  in 2018 (January  2018 – December 2018)  for  Total Romania Retail market. Copyright 2018 The Nielsen Company.

Just like artistic currents, beauty is transposed over years, in more and more expressive forms, according to the century when they are shaped. Beauty canons change at an extremely rapid pace but there are things that resist over times, just like precious art objects.

Charm may be expressed in thousands of ways, it pushes through all the rules and it does not want to be defined as everyone finds his or her own meaning. From the fascination of a smile, of a glance, of a warm voice to a colour or a colour palette and an amalgam of perfumes.

When we created Farmec products, we didn’t think of rules, of how to get fuller lips, darker skin and perfect symmetries, we’ve thought about you and your natural beauty. We’ve chosen to show you that you are beautiful and to put forward those small details which make you different from the other women. This is why you’ll find among our products ingredients which will unveil your personality, adding light, colour and contrast to your natural beauty.

With more than 125 years of experience in the cosmetic field, Farmec is the creator of the the modern industry of cosmetic products in Romania. Our company is well-known nowadays, both in Romania and worldwide, the products being exported in countries from Europe, Asia and North America.

The company’s modern history begins in 1967, when FARMEC became the first manufacturer of Gerovital H3 prof. Dr. Ana Aslan creams and emulsions in Romania. The products were addressed to women in their 40s, when the skin shows the first signs of ageing.

Today Farmec is the leader on the Romanian cosmetics market and the exclusive owner of Gerovital H3 Prof. Dr. Ana Aslan cosmetic trademark.

The originality and quality of FARMEC products was officially recognised in 2002 when the company was granted the International Quality Certificate ISO 9001, a certification recognized until today.

The active principles that we use mainly come from nature: nourishing fruits rich in vitamins, not only tasty but also good for the beauty, local medicinal plants that you thought you would find only in teas but which regenerate your skin and hair, clay from the mountains which would have been only dust if we hadn’t found out what miracles it can do. Last generation ingredients are added to all these, tested and combined by our specialists so that you receive the best for your beauty and health.

The care for beauty and the respect towards tradition, health and environment, completed by the continuous research, originality and attention to its clients have turned FARMEC into a highly esteemed producer over the years. Nowadays, the company’s portfolio sums up over 400 of products, the most famous ranges of products being GEROVITAL H3 prof. dr. Ana Aslan CLASSIC, GEROVITAL H3 EVOLUTION, GEROVITAL LUXURY, GEROVITAL H3 DERMA+ PREMIUM CARE, GEROVITAL H3 GEROVITAL PLANT, ASLAVITAL and FARMEC.

We invite you to choose Farmec products and to discover your individuality and natural charm, to say no to artificial and impersonal beauty. To decide, together with us, to be beautiful because you are yourself, the woman with charm. We can tell you from right now that the result will surprise you.